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Case Study: Bay To Gulf Holdings

Case Study: Bay To Gulf Holdings

Bay To Gulf Holdings, Tampa Florida Real Estate Investors

South Tampa based company Bay To Gulf Holdings, LLC is the largest provider of wholesale and investment grade residential real estate in Central Florida. At this writing, they buy and sell over 400 hundred houses per year in the Tampa Bay area and the Panhandle.

After 8 years in business, BTGH had established themselves as the largest buyer and seller of investment real estate in the Tampa Bay area.  However, they weren’t reaching beyond the local market.  They wanted a national and international reach, to bring in outside investors from New York, California and Canada who might not realize the incredible values that Florida real estate offered.

  1. All of their marketing efforts were guerrilla in nature, and consisted mostly of hand written signs distributed by their sales people. Any traffic to their website almost always started with a phone call from one of the signs, and the caller was directed to the website to see more properties.
  2. Their approach to online strategy had been to inform the visitor. They recognized that they weren’t taking any advantage of the marketing tools available to them.
  3. They were interested in redrafting BTGH’s core marketing strategies, which made it the perfect time to address their Internet marketing efforts.
  4. They were attracted to our vast experience in web development & Internet marketing, as well as our budget conscious solutions to increasing traffic through organic efforts FIRST.

BTGH.com was a website simply dedicated to their current inventory of investment grade residential real estate. It was neither informational nor attractive, and far from optimized for search engine indexing. The real challenges were developing high-quality targeted content that would:

  • Showcas BTGH’s unique message and innovative services
  • Navigate a strict regulatory landscape (real estate)
  • Educating a diverse audience of new and experienced investors
  • Provide warm leads to the company’s sales professionals
We did in-depth research of the residential investment real estate industry and developed a strategy that applied across all online media, synching it up with their current offline tactics. This included redeveloping and launching a completely overhauled website at BTGH.com in February 2014 with a simple, MOBILE RESPONSIVE design, a blog, integrated property locator maps (Google), lead generation forms, and all-new search and conversion optimized content developed around the new positioning. And that was just the beginning.

In the 18 months since the new site launched, we have continued to guide and implement BTGH’s online marketing strategy, adjusting regularly to complement and support changing business needs and goals. Just a few highlights include:

  • Managing the SUCCEED blog and planning, researching, interviewing, and writing 4-5 blog posts every month.
  • Developing and maintaining social media accounts.
  • Planning and creating email newsletters, promotions, and announcements.
  • Developing an educational awareness campaign with a number of separate websites and social media accounts.
  • Running surveys and performing ongoing research to better understand the audience and adjusting to meet their needs.
  • Creating several e-books from blog content and developing processes on the website for building BTGH’s email list.
  • Analyzing site performance and visitor behavior and constantly improving the website and strategy to increase conversions and improve results.

Bay To Gulf Holdings is a great example of a company that truly knows and understands its audience, its services, and its business needs – and has worked with us to integrate that into everything that they do online.


With the former website and online marketing strategy, BTGH.com received less than 1,000 visitors to their website each month – and didn’t know if any of them were actually becoming customers.

Two years later, the main website is getting, on average, 3,5000 visitors to the website every month – and is constantly growing. As of Fall 2014, Bay To Gulf Holdings receives a minimum of 150 phone leads, 25 email subscribers every month and the several thousand people who go to the website and browse their available investment properties from every country in the world..

And with the heavy emphasis on high-quality, optimized content, 78% of the visitors who come to the website do so through search engines, mostly from non-branded search terms relevant to specific needs and questions, and convert at a rate of 2.44%.

“We decided to work with Year One Media in 2014 because they already had an understanding of real estate investing and made an effort to understand our own business quickly. They took ownership of their responsibilities and took initiative to bring about results. There wasn’t a lot of back-and-forth between us and them after the first meetings. Instead, we’d tell them what we wanted and they’d tell us how they were going to do it. Then it got done.

“We continue to work with Mike Slatton and Year One Media because they followed through on their promises and continue to bring new ideas and approaches to the table. They’ve modified and improved our online marketing efforts as our business evolves.

“The best part is that they’re so smart about marketing and the Internet. We interviewed at least a dozen individuals and firms before hiring Year One Media. Nobody had detailed answers to questions like Mike Slatton did. They took us from a local company to a recognized international provider of Florida investment real estate.
Chris Smith - Managing Partner, Bay To Gulf Holdings, LLC

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